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COMPANY NAME Fairtree Capital Hospitality
- Fairtree Capital Hospitality
ABOUT The company's focus will be in the hotel industry, where various opportunities exist given supply constraints, a weak South African currency and strong growth in the tourism market. The company managers use their expertise, in association with its hotel management affiliates, to reposition and restructure properties for growth and to capitalise on the changing accommodation market with strong focus on new technology. The company will develop its investments into efficiently structured real estate investments, which operate at optimum capacity and then look to realise these investments at maximum value. The company's primary focus area is South Africa with some international exposure.

Q&A With Fairtree Capital Hospitality

Let's hear a little more about the company, some history, where you are now, and what you see for the future?

The company already proved itself in the hospitality sector. Fairtree Capital Hospitality owns 8 hotels all over the United Kingdom and 7 hotels in South Africa, with San Lameer being the most well-known hotel in our portfolio. Fairtree Capital Hospitality forms part of Fairtree Capital. Fairtree Capital is a leading Multi-Strategy fund management business, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, with total assets under management currently at ~R38 billion. The firm consists of around 42 investment professionals across more than 15 specialist investment teams.

What type of investor should invest in your funds?

Our investor are one who falls in the high net worth category and seeking a serious tax break. The investor we target will be one who wants to grow his capital in a secure environment which is risk-free and is hedged against the Rand. That sector being hospitality.

What sets you apart from other venture capital companies?

Fairtree Capital Hospitality already has a perfect track record built up through the years. We have proven ourselves as a business excelling in the hospitality sector. We have a team with experience in the hospitality business.

What are your fees?

Management fee: 1%
Performance fee: 20% (10% compounded hurdle)

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