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COMPANY NAME Anuva Investments
ABOUT Anuva is focussed on acquiring strategic investments in owner managed businesses which will benefit not only from an investment of our financial capital, but also our several years of experience and success in management interventions to enhance and improve the financial stability and performance of SMME's

Let's hear a little more about the company, some history, where you are now, and what you see for the future?

We are Chartered Accountants with several years of experience in working with owner-managed businesses. We are also Business Rescue practitioners with an excellent track record of successful business interventions. We are very good at working with entrepreneurs and assisting them to focus their time where they are most competent and effective, and putting people and processes in place to ensure that their business is properly managed. We have raised R75 million to date and are busy with our fourth investment. In our first year (to Feb 2016) we raised R15 million and were fortunate enough to be able to pay a dividend of 24% to those early investors. Our expectation is that we will exceed our 8% annual dividend benchmark for 2017.

What type of investor should invest in your funds?

Individuals, trusts or companies with a high taxable income or especially a capital gain, who have investable cash.

What sets you apart from other venture capital companies?

Modest fees and a low risk profile. We seek to invest only in established companies with s profitable track record. This significantly reduces risk. We are not casting our net out wide in the hope of catching one or two big fish. We are looking for sustainable and growing profits and a benchmark dividend of 8% per annum. These dividends will be enhanced by windfall gains. In our first year we were able to pay investors a dividend of 24%.

What are your fees?

We have an up-front fee of 2% to over costs of the Private Placement Memorandum, introducer's fees and time spent with the individual investor. Thereafter, there is an annual management fee of 2% of equity. Management also share in 20% of dividends declared.

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